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Quality Custom Ruger 10/22
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We specialize in a select range of custom Ruger 10/22 rifles.  These rifles are built to precise specifications by our gunsmith resulting in a highly accurate, stunningly beautiful firearm at a great value price. Our custom 10/22 rifle is built with match grade components that we have personally tested, finished in either stainless or blued and resulting in an accuracy of under 1" at 50 yards.  We are not an FFL, so our services are for our local customers who can supply a previously purchased 10/22 rifle for the customization.  You will be amazed at how well this rifle looks and shoots.  Our options are  simple, pick two things, stock color and barrel / brake finish.  Why do you need to guess from 1000's of different components, when this ready to go package has been tried and tested by ourselves, and is proven as an accurate and desirable custom Ruger 10/22 rifle.

Go ahead, chose your stock, blued or stainless barrel, blued or stainless muzzle brake and top it off with one of the best value and performing scopes on the market today.
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High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
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Thumbhole Silhouette stocks for the Ruger 10/22 have a rich looking, classic style that's functional and timeless, with a design focused on fit, function, and accuracy. The whole idea behind these stocks is to convert a Ruger 10/22 into an adult sized rifle that's geared to deliver adult sized accuracy:  The thumbhole positioning of your hand gives better trigger control. The height of the cheek rest is specifically set to line your eye up naturally with a riflescope., which minimizes parallax error and reduces tension in your hold. The Silhouette barrel channel is specifically sized to fit and support non-tapered .920 diameter target barrels, and the forend is shaped to accommodate push/pull bench resting as well as off hand and bipod shooting.

Available in six laminated wood color combinations, the Silhouette Thumbhole Stock for your Ruger 10/22 is complete with a beautiful satin finish and butt pad. Beautiful stock fitted to your Ruger 10/22.
Stainless Accuracy Barrel
Threaded 10/22 Accuracy Barrels have threaded muzzles to fit the Tactical Solutions 10/22 Muzzle Brake. Custom thread protectors are included. This is a premium 18", 10/22 barrel in the full, non-tapered .920" heavy match profile, These barrels have great precision and accuracy.

Barrel comes fitted with a muzzle brake for increased muzzle stability, accuracy potential, and faster follow-up shots. The threaded muzzle is 1/2x28 tpi and the custom thread protector is included. 
Blued Accuracy Barrel
Stainless Muzzle Brake
Blued Muzzle Brake
The 97D 4-12x40mm PA Riflescope Matte - The Ultimate Rifleman's Optic. 4-12x40mm variable magnification is not over powered for close-in woods hunting, yet offers more than enough magnification and brightness for open range hunting. It makes for a reasonable size and weight (comparable to the very common 3-9x scopes). And the 4-12x40mm Parallax Adjustment (PA) can dial out optical aiming error the same as large, high powered benchrest competition scopes.

Strong on basics... Top quality crystal glass lenses, 100% fully multi-coated inside and out to give the clearest, brightest, edge-to-edge distortion free image. Dead-Nutz repeatable and positive "click" windage and elevation adjustments of 1/4 inch per click. Universally popular and reliable Medium Fine Plex style reticle. Fog-proof, waterproof, and shockproof, and backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty!

Low profile target knobs with screw-on covers to allow accurate, fingertip adjustments in the field or at the range. Fast Focus eyepiece so you can keep your reticle focused crystal clear by just turning the eyepiece.
Precision machined, aluminum trigger module with EDM cut hardened steel components provides a clean, crisp 2lb. trigger pull. Features an extra-wide, aluminum trigger shoe for precise control, regardless of finger placement. Steel trigger components are coated with an advanced, Teflon-nickel, low-friction surface that is extremely hard and highly wear-resistant. Anodized aluminum housing and trigger shoe provide long-lasting corrosion resistance.

Housing/Trigger Shoe - Aluminum, anodized finish, gold housing/black shoe. .31" (7.9mm) wide shoe. Components - Steel, Teflon-nickel coated. Single-stage, non-adjustable, approx. 2.5 lb. pull weight.